An e-novella


STUFF is a story about stuff, and about Stuff. Told from the increasingly fragmented perspective of Lucy, a writer hopelessly adrift in her early twenties, it’s a story about confusion, loneliness, love and weird substances. About trying to choose your own adventure, and coming to terms with the possibility that you can’t. You think navigating life, love, sex, jobs, frustrated creativity, middle-class guilt, indifferent cities and the anticlimax of university graduation is hard? Try doing it while under the influence of a mysterious drug called Stuff, which may have psychic qualities and steadily blends the minds of you and your friends until you literally can’t tell where their thoughts end and yours begin. Then add social media and enjoy your very own personal apocalypse.

Information overload; existential paranoia; telepathic love triangles; trying to find some sort of meaning in Britain in 2014. You know. Usual stuff…


STUFF, from Salt Publishing as part of their Modern Dreams series, is available from various online bookshops, or direct from the publisher, for Kindles and the like.


What they said:

..on Amazon and Goodreads.

“Loved this – finished in one sitting, brilliant little novella! Gritty and on point…”

“The characters jumped off the page…”

“As if William Burroughs wrote a Create Your Own Adventure book and it was edited by Philip K. Dick, but set in post-financial crisis UK…”

“How can something so rambling be so precise? Bright and woozy. Twitchy and sharp … the turbo charged mutterings of a night bus loony and a witty modern fable. Watch out…”

One of the most trippy, nebulous reads I have ever enjoyed. The book revolves around three friends, their ‘stuff’ and increasingly overlapping trains of thought but it is the execution of pure writing style that makes this read like tucking in for an amazing yet eerie concert. Reading this book is to be gifted a mental experience…”

Such an in toxicating slice of the modern zeistgeist that one hankers for the full cake…”