Bitter Sixteen

Bitter Sixteen

The Bitter Sixteen Trilogy / Book 1



Cynical, solitary Stanly Bird is a fairly typical teenager – unless you count the fact that his best friend is a talking beagle named Daryl, and that he gained the powers of flight and telekinesis when he turned sixteen. Unfortunately, his rural Welsh home town is not exactly crying out for its very own superhero. London is calling – but what Stanly finds there is a good deal weirder and more terrifying than anything he could have imagined. Perhaps he should have stayed in Wales…


My first novel, Bitter Sixteen, was published in 2015 and can be ordered from Hive, Waterstones – basically any online bookshop you choose to name – or directly from my publisher Salt.  And of course from actual physical bookshops.

(Front cover artwork: above left – first printing; above right – second printing.)


What they said:

“A highly original novel for young adults that is clever and funny, with characters you want to ask home afterwards … I didn’t think the superheroes genre had anywhere left to go. Mohamed convinces otherwise” – The Times

“Stefan Mohamed really stands out from the crowd – a delightfully funny, surreal and original new voice with a great storytelling gift”Andrew Davies, multi-BAFTA and Emmy award-winning screenwriter

“The freshest of the short-listed novels. I raced through it like I was reading a comic book”Cerys Matthews, Dylan Thomas Prize Jury

 “Into what seems to be a very real and familiar world Stefan Mohamed introduces a 16-year-old superhero and his even more remarkable dog. All kinds of crazy amorous and criminal adventures ensue but our author’s vivid imagination, story-telling power, humour and mastery of punchy dialogue ensure that we eagerly hang on throughout this refreshingly original novel”Professor Peter Stead, Chairman of the Dylan Thomas Prize

“Thoroughly enjoyable, very funny and touching, with a really great central character in Stanly”Justin Kerrigan, Director of Human Traffic

4/5 – The most fun it’s possible to have in the superhero genre” – Den of Geek

4/5 – Sparky debut … zippy prose keeps the story barrelling along, the genre references come thick and fast (even the dog a Yoda impression does) and, in Stanly, Mohamed has created a hero you’ll really root for” – SFX

A thoroughly entertaining, charming and witty take on the crowded superhero subgenre” – Eric Brown, The Guardian

4.5/5an engaging, funny and heartwarming coming of age story that took tried-and-true tropes in new directions … add in the bestest side-kick ever—a talking beagle named Daryl—and you have a winning combination” – Books, Bones & Buffy

5/5 – a fantastic start to a trilogy, and a dazzling introduction for a great new character” – The Bookbag

A great accomplishment. Entertaining, fast-paced and genuinely hilarious, this is a fantastic debut and a perfect recommendation for reluctant teen readers. Mohamed writes brilliantly real teenagers and Daryl, the wise-cracking, Humphrey Bogart loving hound, is an inspired creation” – We Love This Book

Refreshingly original and slightly bonkers … all served up with panache, pace and punch” – The Daily Mail

5/5Mohamed’s turn of phrase throughout ‘Bitter Sixteen’ is sublime … I have little doubt that Stefan’s name will be on many of their ‘must read’ lists. I know he’s on mine.” – If These Books Could Talk…

This is one of the most original and funny books I’ve read in a while.  Stanly is immensely entertaining with such a clear and distinct voice that it’s hard not to become best friends with him” – Medieval Jenga

Packed with humour, wit, invention and outstanding writing” Young Post

Quite simply one of the most downright enjoyable reads I have had the pleasure to indulge in for quite some time” – Magic Fiction Since Potter