Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves

 A Novel


Seven years ago, Vanessa’s best friend Mark vanished without a trace. Now he’s back, not a day older, as though no time has passed. Shocked and confused but determined to help him, Vanessa must return to the rural home town she left behind.

But nothing can prepare her for what’s waiting …

Falling Leaves, from Salt Publishing, is available from Hive, Waterstones, pretty much any online bookshop of your choice. Or even actual physical bookshops in real life.


What they said:

“5/5 – Falling Leaves ticks all the boxes that Bitter Sixteen did – in terms of strange occurrences, pop culture references and clever characters, but goes in a slightly more adult direction – where Bitter Sixteen dealt with the feelings and problems that come with being a teenager, Falling Leaves explores life as a 20 something – and the money worries, failed relationships and family difficulties that can often come with that age. It’s a really clever move – as Mohamed keeps everything I love about his writing but turns up the emotional intensity just a notch. His skill for writing real, relatable characters ensures that every emotional beat hits hard – and they’re characters you’ll be glad to go on a journey with, no matter the destination.” The Bookbag

“Falling Leaves is certainly an intriguing read. I enjoyed the sense of foreboding surrounding Vanessa’s troubling nightmares and visions alongside the reappearance of Mark. And in order to make sense of Mark’s appearance, Vanessa is forced to revisit memories from her past, including the grief she suffered when he disappeared. With Mark back by her side, and with the help of her aunt, Vanessa embarks on a difficult journey to find the truth, to make sense of their situation, and to uncover past secrets.” The Owl on the Bookshelf

Fresh voices; 50 writers you should read now.”  – The Guardian