Friday Top 5!


First, Courtney Barnett. I’d never heard of her before Wednesday, then suddenly I was seeing her name and reviews of her album everywhere. The album, Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit, is great and well worth checking out, but this is my particular favourite. It’s a proper earworm; buzzy guitars with a whiff of Graham Coxon circa Blur’s fifth album, and really funny, slightly bedraggled, slacker-y stream-of-consciousness-y kinda spoken word-y lyrics.

Two, Kendrick Lamar. I couldn’t really get on with Good Kid, M.A.A.D City ‘cos of all the trap-inspired production, a sound I hate that’s annoyingly prevalent in a lot of current hip-hop. His new album To Pimp a Butterfly is more inspired by g-funk and jazz and the like, production-wise, which is much more my bag. This is the first track, which I think gives a good indication of the album as a whole. Wicked funky but slightly uneasy and pensive at the same time, with characteristically excellent flow from Lamar. You should get the whole album tho bro. Production excellence aside, he’s tackling some weighty subject matter with righteous fury.

THREE. I’m obsessed with This Is The Kit and Rozi Plain at the moment. This live rendition of Vitamins is gorgeous. I shall say no more.

Of the fourth. I’ve been re-discovering and loving some early noughties liquid funk and lounge-y drum’n’bass of late, mostly from High Contrast’s 2003 Essential Mix, which still sounds fresh as you like twelve years later (his 2007 one is also ace). This is one of my top discoveries from the mix.

Five. Sod it, here’s the whole mix. My blog, my rules yo.